By Kingsley Baehr

The terrorists attacked us suddenly.
We were not ready.  
We had never had to fight before. 
We were totally confused.
Then that grand old man took charge.
“Josh,” he shouted, “organize the men!  Grab anything you can as weapons!  Go out and resist them as best you can!”
We obeyed. 
We tried hard. 
We did the best we could.  Yet it wasn’t good enough.
We were being whipped soundly.
But then—almost without our realizing it, amazingly, we slowly began to win. 
We gained confidence. 
We fought harder. 
And yet—it wasn’t easy.  The terrorists were experienced fighters.  All morning, back and forth we went; sometimes we seemed to start winning, but then they would.
As the day wore on, however, we began to gain the upper hand, and by the end of the day, we were stunned to realize that we had won and our enemies were running away—at least those who could.
We could hardly believe it.
How could it have happened?
Then as we turned back toward camp, for the first time, we saw him.  Sitting on a small hill, with Aaron and Hur on each side, was Moses, arms uplifted in prayer, supported by his aides. 
And suddenly we knew. 
We had not won because of our skills in battle, but because he had been praying to our God all day long.
And God had answered him. 
God had won the battle for us. 

We realized that the battle belongs to the Lord;  we were simply His instruments.
-  A report from Joshua Ben Nun (based on Exodus 17:8-16)

[Friends, remember—depending on God is the only way to win life’s battles.  Do you know Him?  Are you depending on Him?  Even during these days of concern and fear because of what happened in our country on September 11, 2001, if you are members of God’s family, you can trust Him for peace and guidance each day.
“But to as many as received Him [Jesus Christ], to them He gave the right to be called children of God, even to those who believe on His name.” – John 1:12]