By Kingsley Baehr


  Sports on TV!

If you are on a team you are expected to be on the beam if you want to be on a dream team!




   100 % Effort

   If you are on The Dream Team, should the requirements be any less?

      There are differences
A Dream TeamThe Dream Team
You earn your way on.Christ earned your way on!
A new playbook with each new coach.Same “Playbook,” same coach!
Your sport lasts for a season.Your “sport” lasts forever!
Your fame fades fast.Your fame is eternal!
Your rewards are limited.Your rewards are infinite!

But, once you are on The Dream Team,
the requirements are the same.
To which team will you devote yourself this fall?
Into which team will you plunge your heart and soul?
When the two teams compete for your time and commitment,
which one will win?
Which one should win?

What are you going to do about it?

*The Dream Team is comprised of all people worldwide who have confessed to God their inability to play the game of life, and asked Him to forgive their failures, and accept them as members of His team, committed to His service now and forever.