By Kingsley Baehr

When we think of June, graduations come to mind.
 When we think of July, independence comes to mind.

"Graduation" came into English from the Latin word "gradus" meaning "step or degree."
"Independence" came into English from the Latin words "in" meaning "not", "de" meaning "down" and "pendere" meaning "hang from."
So, when we graduate we step up by degree/s to the state of "not hanging down from" or "loosing ties with":
That old school ~ those old rules and regulations ~ that old way of living ~ and maybe even those old means of support!

But when we graduate from that old life of slavery to sin and Satan, not by our own work or design,
but because Jesus Christ chose to be dependent on His Father
 and because of His own work on the cross at Calvary and
  subsequent resurrection,

We step up, not to independence, but to dependence on Him for
Life [eternally in heaven],
  Liberty [from the slavery to sin and self],
   and the Pursuit of Happiness [through His sustaining power].

Graduating to dependence on Jesus Christ is the greatest thing you can do in the life, because it is also good for your everlasting future!
   Will you try it?