By Kingsley Baehr

“Thank God for air conditioning! This August heat and humidity is so debilitating.”
I’ll say it again, “Thank God for air conditioning!”
On second thought, Why am I thanking God for air conditioning?
What does He have to do with it? In fact, what does He have to do with anything? Why, how can I even know, for sure, that He exists?
And considering all this, why am I using the name “God” anyway?
Where did that come from?
People use it all the time--
‘God, it’s hot!’
‘O God, I’m so sweaty!’
‘O-my-God, the power just went off! Now it’s going to be as hot as hell in this house!’
‘Could it be that somehow I believe that God exists without consciously realizing it?
Could it be that God really does exist and has created me with an innate awareness of Him— and I have been blowing Him off all these years?
O God, did I really say, “hot as hell"?
"O God, now I really am sweating!"
"O please, God, don’t turn Your power off yet; I don’t want to burn in hell!"
"O my God, deliver me from the heat of judgment for my dis-regard of You."
If these musings have caused you to stop and think, remember that a loving God Who tells it as it is has said to you,
“The wages of sin is death [separation from God forever in hell],BUT, THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.” Romans 6:23