By Kingsley Baehr

WEDDINGS! - When two voluntarily commit themselves to each other "until death parts us or the Lord comes again!"
Have you been "wedded" to the Lord Jesus Christ as the church's Bridegroom by committing yourself to Him forever? - Ephesians 5:25-27
GRADUATIONS! - When the past is put behind us, and future hopes are placed before us!
Can you look forward to your future with the confidence that you will be "graduated" to heaven some day? - Philippians 3:12-14
FLAG DAY! - When we celebrate the adoption of our flag as our national banner! [June 14]
Have you adopted the Lord God as your banner, your guarantee of victory as you serve in His army? - Exodus 17:15,16 (New International Version)
FATHER'S DAY! - When we honor our fathers for the love, support, and stability which they have provided to our families? [June 17]
Have you honored the Lord and Father of all people as your loving Father yet? - Ephesians 3:14-21
JUNETEENTH! - The oldest known celebration of the end of institution of slavery in America! [June 19]
Have you experienced the freedom from slavery to sin and Satan that can be yours through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? - Galatians 5:1